August 12, 2010

Honeymooning Part 4: King's Island

And, finally, the fourth and final day of our honeymoon. We spent most of it at King's Island, and since they usually frown upon taking pictures on rides, we don't have a lot to show.

This is Nathan on the Zephyr (the big swings), our second ride of the day. Nathan isn't a big fan of rides, so we started out with the smaller ones. I managed to get him on two coasters: the Backlot Stunt Coaster (formally known as the Italian Job) and Flight Deck (formally known as Top Gun).

We spent a lot of the day at the Boomerang Bay water park. While I find the gigantic water slides much more terrifying than a roller coaster, Nathan loves them. I still went on all but one of them with him. The Awesome Aussie Twister left me with chest pains, but I survived.

Now that King's Island's kids' park is Planet Snoopy, I was really hoping to get my picture taken with the "real" Snoopy, but the only member of the Peanuts gang we saw was Linus.

Snoopy loves me.

After leaving the park we stopped at Big Boy for dinner, where we got to pose awkwardly with the statue.

The next morning, we left our motel and headed back home to start the next adventure: living together. It has been a learning experience, but still a lot of fun. I hope to start chronicling our new journey on this blog, so stay tuned if you'd like to hear about it.