January 23, 2013

Evan Nathaniel

Our son Evan Nathaniel made his entrance into the world Saturday, January 19, at 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 21.25 inches long. He's a healthy and happy boy. Other than feeling like I've been beaten with a baseball bat, I'm doing well. These first few days of motherhood have truly been a joy.

Birth story and more photos to come!

January 16, 2013

41 Weeks

A lot of thoughts crossed my mind when I started having contractions at 22 weeks and found out I was at high risk for preterm labor. There were just so many unknowns. I didn't know if my son would survive when he was born, or what problems he could have if he did. I didn't know how much time he would have to spend in the hospital. One thing I never expected to happen? Still being pregnant at 41 weeks, an entire week after my due date. Yet...here I am! I never had any preterm labor, and I'm now four weeks past the point of having a preterm birth. Crazy how things turn out sometimes.

Before 22 weeks, I was pretty much convinced I would go past my due date. Nathan and I were both born a few days later than expected, as was my brother. I'm sure it's not necessarily a genetic thing, but I was still expecting our baby to follow suit. I'm thankful for the perspective my situation gave me. Rather than just expecting a big, healthy baby, I was thanking God for each extra week my son was able to grow bigger and stronger. The weeks turned into months, and I now have no doubt this baby inside me is big and strong. In fact, just how big he could be is starting to get a little scary!

I'm feeling really good for the most part. I'm still working, thinking every day for the past month could be my last before I go into labor, and hoping I'll be right one of these days. The baby is low in my pelvis, which sometimes causes so much nerve pain that I can barely walk, but I still get around okay most of the time. Other than that, the most annoying part is that most of my maternity clothes don't fit well any more. I'm definitely not as uncomfortable as I would have expected to be at 41 weeks pregnant.

It can't be too much longer now! I won't be allowed to go past 42 weeks, so I'll have to be induced next week if he doesn't come on his own. I now know there are days left of my pregnancy instead of weeks. Nathan and I are still enjoying feeling the baby kick and move around inside me, but we're very much looking forward to finally getting to see him and hold him.