October 10, 2011

Our Wedding Album

Look what we finally have!

Since all we wanted from our photographers was a CD of the original photos, sorting and editing the photos and designing the layout for the album were all my job. I would not recommend this route to anyone unless you don't care that much about how your photos look or you're really good at Photoshop. I'm only kind of good at Photoshop, and I couldn't get the photos to the level I wanted them.

We ordered our book from Adorama. You can use the online tool they have to design your album, or you can use your own design program and export the pages as jpegs. I created my layout in InDesign, then uploaded the jpegs of each page on Adorama's album maker tool. They have a "fit to page" button that allows you to quickly insert the pages.

The main reason I chose Adorama was their Leporello binding system. Every spread of the album lies almost completely flat, so it's great for two-page photos. From Adorama's website: "Unlike other lay-flat systems which use two separate pieces of paper hinged at the center, every spread in an AdoramaPix book is a single unbroken sheet of premium archival photo paper." 

An album like ours (50 page 10"x10") costs $110, but Adorama's albums are often 20% off. We bought ours when we got an e-mail for 40% off. The only downside with Adorama is you're limited to 14, 26, 38, 50, or 76 pages. You can't just pay a little more to add a couple more pages; you have to add a lot more pages.

I'm really happy with how it turned out!

How long did it take you to get your wedding album?


  1. We finally did ours just a couple of weeks ago - which was almost a year after our wedding. We did ours through Photobook America (using a Groupon we purchased about 9 months previous). So yeah, we waited awhile as well.
    Though, shortly after we received all our photos, we printed several of our favorites and covered our our living room walls. Now we are thinking we need to redo our living room decor.

  2. I love your album! We had one through our photographer, and the final finished product took about 6 months, which wasn't too bad!

  3. Wow, that album looks fabulous - well done!

  4. Love your album!
    We haven't gotten ours yet. :) I plan on using Shutterfly, because that's the company we used for our first year of courtship. I've missed several great opportunities to get the albums incredibly inexpensively, but I also haven't had the time to do it with the quality and thought I want to be able to put into it. Hopefully someday...

  5. I used Adorama for my album as well and most of my pages had a weird pink or blue line down the middle :( They told it was normal, but it doesn't look like you had that problem! Looks perfect!


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