July 23, 2010

Honeymooning Part 1: On Our Way

While I'm waiting on my wedding photos, I'm going to do a series of recaps of our honeymoon.

This is me after the reception - the first photo that Nathan took of his wife. I was unbelievably tired at this point. We stayed at a hotel just minutes away from our wedding venue that night and left for our honeymoon the next day, which was a very good decision. Even though we only went two hours away and the reception was over by 6:00, I don't think we could have made it that night. Getting married is tiring!

Pretty hotel  toilet paper!

On Sunday, we went back to Nathan's apartment so he could get packed for the honeymoon. Why didn't he get packed ahead of time, you ask? Because I told him not to. He had so much to do in the last couple days before the wedding that I figured we should put off as many things as possible.

And of course he couldn't leave before he balanced his checkbook.

So I decided to work on mine too.

And then we were on our way!

To Ohio!

Our honeymoon accommodations weren't the fanciest, but since it was about $30 a night cheaper than most other places, we had a little extra money to spend on food or whatever else we wanted.

On our first night there, we went to Walmart to buy some random stuff that we needed.

And then we went to IHOP. It was Nathan's first time there. While we were eating, it started storming outside, so Nathan got to do this:

And that concludes our first day and a half of married life!


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