September 17, 2010

Finding a New Normal

After all the wedding gifts were unwrapped...

After all of my stuff was moved out of my old apartment...

After we bought a few more things that we needed to be able to live together...

It was time to figure out how to live together!

How do we spend time together when you're both working full time, and one of you is also working on an MBA and multiple computer certifications while the other tackles most of the cooking and chores?  

How do we cook meals when one of us is a "meatitarian" who hates nearly every vegetable and the other doesn't even eat meat on a daily basis?

What do we do when one of us is a total night owl who takes forever to get up in the morning and the other is an early bird who shuts down fast around 10:00 each night?

This is the journey that we're on right now. Were we aware of these traits in each other before we got married? Absolutely, but it's still an adjustment when you aren't used to seeing each other every day. 

How to live to be a wife...that's what I'll be blogging about now.

For anyone still interested in reading about our wedding, I have the pro photos now, but I'm doing all the editing and sorting myself (since I'm a control freak/tight wad/masochist). So, it'll take me awhile to get those posted. I just decided I should go ahead and switch gears to blogging about newlywed life while we're still newlyweds. :/


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