January 20, 2011

My Attempt at Making Red Lobster at Home

Red Lobster is one of my top five favorite restaurants. Nathan isn't a huge fish fan, but he enjoys the crispy fish and chicken they have for lunch, and of course we both love their Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I decided to try to make my own "imitation Red Lobster" dinner this week of fish and cheddar biscuits.

I used this recipe for the biscuits.

After baking,I brushed the garlic and butter on top. I was pretty happy when I saw them. They certainly looked like the real thing! The taste, however...not quite right. The texture wasn't fluffy enough, and they just didn't have as much flavor as Red Lobster's. This was only my second attempt at making biscuits from scratch though, and they turned out much better than my first attempt (which Nenya wouldn't even eat). 

For the fish, I decided to try broiling for the first time ever. Ooh, pretty flame!

I used this recipe, only with pollock instead of tilapia. Pollock was half as cheap as tilapia at Kroger, and based on a quick comparison of the nutrition facts it looked healthier.

After broiling for a few minutes on both sides, I put the topping on and broiled a few more minutes.

It turned out pretty well, but dealing with taking the broiler pan in and out was a little annoying. I think I'll stick with baking.

Although it wasn't as flavorful as a meal at Red Lobster, it was much cheaper, and probably healthier at least in terms of sodium. Nathan didn't have any major complaints. I think the biscuit recipe is worth another try.

Any tips on making biscuits or fish?


  1. Oh yum!!!! I adore those cheddar biscuits! Aren't they the best????

  2. Oooh, I've had those Red Lobster biscuits and they are GOOD. I bet you can perfect them! We probably DON'T want to know how much butter is in the originals. ;)

    Thanks for linking up, Amanda!

  3. I was immediately drawn in by your picture on Alicia's blog. Red Lobster is one of my favorite restaurants and really, we all go there for those biscuits! I've looked up the recipe online because I have thought about trying them myself. I have never made biscuits from scratch either, but my MIL has tried to replicate fast-food biscuits before and the result seems to always be the same--not as fluffy. As far as the taste, I think I agree with Alicia--I'm willing to bet whatever recipe we find online is missing some butter and the probably half the salt. Let me know if you get it right though, as I definitely want to try!


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