June 6, 2011

The End is Near

In less than three weeks, on June 26, Nathan and I will celebrate our first year of marriage. As exciting as that milestone is, I'm mainly looking forward to June 26 for an entirely different reason: the conferral of Nathan's MBA. We knew Nathan's grad classes would make the first year a little rough, but things have gotten really rough now that he is in his capstone course, which is writing a 60-80 page business plan. It's a group project with 5 other people, and Nathan is in charge of the finance portion as well as editing the entire paper.

I haven't exactly felt like Nathan's top priority lately. One of his team members was telling him how great he is and that his wife is lucky to have him. I know I'm lucky, but it's kind of ironic hearing that from someone who has spent as much time talking to him this past week as I have. The frustrating part is that I know this project has to take top priority for him to do well in the class. If I want him to do well, do I really even want him to spend much time with me? I'm trying to keep busy doing things by myself, like taking advantage of this great opportunity to get lots of reading done.

Although I do my best to be the supportive wife, sometimes I get tired of being the cheerleader all the time. Nathan's stress is enough to push me to the breaking point, so much that I once sarcastically told him, "Yes, dear, you are going to fail!" No, he's not; I just fail at being a wife sometimes. If nothing else, this has been a good learning experience.

Soon...soon it will be over...just not soon enough!


  1. My heart just connected to you big time! My hubby is in grad school to be a nurse practitioner. Sometime it is so hard because it totally makes my feel like I am on the back burner and only there for him to vent to. It's hard to be the cheerleader when you feel like he's ignoring you. I wish I had advice but I just wanted to let you know I completely understand how you feel. I just try to remember this is just a season and that a mch sweeter season is approching as long as I'm patient. Good luck friend. Find me on facebook or twitter! I'd love to keep up with you.

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  2. Thanks so much! He actually graduated yesterday, so things should be getting a little better.


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