September 9, 2011

Picky Eaters & Other Quirks

I know I've mentioned before that Nathan is a picky eater. He says he can't change his taste buds, and I get that, but it sure makes my life complicated. I feel like I'm making food for a toddler!

Pizza with only toppings Nathan hates, a.k.a. deliciousness

These are just a few of the ways he's a picky eater:
  • He doesn't like "chunky" tomatoes. Even diced tomatoes have to go in the food processor.
  • He has no tolerance for spicy food. He even hates ginger. (Pepperoni is pushing it.)
  • He likes raisins by themselves but not baked in things
  • He won't eat lettuce, peas, broccoli, peppers, or just about any other vegetable.
  • Apples, apricots, and potatoes must be peeled for him to eat them.
  • He hates pineapple. He insists even a little pineapple juice ruins punch.

    But really, it's unfair for me to say he's the picky eater. Even though I will eat almost anything, I do have my quirks when it comes to food. One day when Nathan was kind enough to make me a sandwich for lunch, I complained that he hadn't sliced it diagonally. "Now who's the toddler?" he asked me. Oh. Oops.

    These are some ways I'm a picky eater:
    • I don't like milk on my cereal. Any cereal. Ever.
    • I hate fresh bananas or anything banana-flavored (just like the Pioneer Woman). However, I love dried bananas and banana nut bread.
    • I don't like donuts.
    • I like my sandwiches cut diagonally.
    • I can't stand it when different foods touch each other.
    • I hate asparagus.

    It's easy to make fun of someone's quirks when they're not your own. We might not even think some of our preferences or behaviors are odd because it's just the way our families have always done things. For example, since I grew up eating both canned and frozen varieties of most vegetables, I thought Nathan was picky for insisting that frozen corn and canned green beans are good, but canned corn and frozen green beans were disgusting. Then I mentioned this fact at his parents' house, and his parents agreed that these preferences were just common sense. We all have our own definition of normal.

    Marriage is a great way to learn about your quirks. I never realized until Nathan pointed it out that I drive with my left foot on the seat and my left knee over against the window. Apparently walking around while brushing your teeth isn't normal either. The good news is that Nathan hasn't discovered anything weird enough to scare him off (yet).

    Has your spouse pointed out quirks you didn't know you had?


      1. How funny, it would be a challenge to feed your hubby in my household. Luckily mine isn't too picky, though he doesn't like Peanut butter or cream cheese, which shocks me, but he will eat any and all veggies, yea! As for me I am the least particular, the only thing I don't really like is sausage, hot dogs, other processed meats like that.

      2. @Jenna @ Newlyweds Wow, I don't know how anyone could not like peanut butter, but at least that doesn't limit your main dishes too much. I can't blame you for not liking processed meats! I'm not a huge fan either, but corn dogs are an exception.

      3. I think everyone has quirks, I can't let my food touch either and always have to eat the vegetables off my plate first, also mayo makes me gag and I hate whipped cream. Everything else is pretty much fair game.

        He might get better as time goes on, my mom always tells me when her and my dad met, he would only eat peanut butter sandwiches, now he eats anything.

      4. @JenI can always hope! I keep trying to find a way to make amazing vegetables, but he only eats a few bites of the vegetables he likes.

      5. Too funny! I have to have my sandwiches cut diagonally too!

        It's funny because my husband MUST have vegetables at every meal. It's a quirk that used to get on my nerves, but now I kinda appreciate it. It's keeping me eating healthy!

      6. @the rookie years Ha! I would love that problem. :) I'm sure cooking for another person has its challenges no matter what.

      7. i had pizza for lunch today and i'm glad or else i totally would have been lusting over this image! i LOVE bananas though. like seriously, yum!

      8. Ha! I loved reading this post. Derek and I are pretty adventurous with out food, but no matter how hard I try, i can't get him to like onions. That's the only thing he really hates though. The only thing I really hate is lima beans - thankfully not too many recipes call for lima beans, and I can omit onions if necessary!

      9. My husband and I have different tastes in food. Don't get me wrong, he will eat almost everything I cook at least once. He LOVES that I love to cook!

        It's more in the leftovers and junk food category. Sometimes, instead of helping me eat the leftovers, he chooses to heat up a hotdog because it's quicker and he loves it.

        I LOVE healthy food and he loves some healthy food, but definitely junk food. Sometimes I get a little discouraged when he will eat out instead of grabbing something healthy I'm trying to keep available at home.


      Let me know your thoughts on this. I love reading all my comments!