January 23, 2012

First World Problems We Encountered While Moving

Oh, the first world problems. When you consider that one-sixth of the world's population does not have access to safe drinking water, can we really look at our own lives and say we have a lot of  problems? Of course it's natural to get used to luxuries we've had our entire lives, but it's important to keep things in perspective and remember that they are just that: luxuries. I'm not the first to write a Top Ten Tuesday post of first world problems (here's a good one), but to remind myself how good I have it, I wanted to make a list of the "problems" we faced after moving into a house at the beginning of this month. 

  1. Our garage isn't big enough to easily park both cars in it.
  2. The water company doesn't have online bill pay. We have to mail a check.
  3. Since we only have one extra bedroom, my desk has to go in the living room.
  4. It took two weeks to get internet hooked up.
  5. We discovered our refrigerator was blowing hot air, so for the five days until a new one was delivered, we had to eat what was in our pantry or get fast food.
  6. The living room had so many boxes the first couple days that we had to go through a maze to get to our table.
  7. I didn't buy enough shelf liner for all my kitchen cabinets, so I had to go back to Meijer for more.
  8. The cable outlet is on the opposite side of the living room from our TV.
  9. It costs more to have the newspaper delivered here, so I canceled my subscription. Now I have to go to a store to buy a Sunday paper. (Edit: Just hours after writing this, the paper company sent me an e-mail saying they "want me back" and offering the rate I was previously paying.)
  10. The landlord didn't give us a remote to open the garage door automatically.

I think we'll make it through...

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    1. we didn't have internet for 3 weeks and I thought I was going to go through pinterest withdrawa LOL.

      It's a spoiled world we live in.

      1. Isn't it? I get so mad when Pinterest gives me an error page.

      2. Oh, me too! Pinterest is so addictive!

    2. wow, congrats on being in your new place, but also, it can be such a pain in the rear! So sorry to hear about all the troubles, especially the having no fridge part, how awful!
      Well, hope you have a good tuesday, you deserve it!


      1. Thanks, Samantha. The refrigerator was definitely the worst of it (no fun waking up to all your dairy spoiled!), but we were eating Sonic and Chick-fil-A that week, so don't feel too sorry for us. :)

    3. Haha! Man, I can totally relate to this post. When we moved last spring, I was shocked at all the "complaints" I had. Like, a day without electricity and slow internet, etc. Spoiled much?


    Let me know your thoughts on this. I love reading all my comments!