April 3, 2012

The Impulse Buy

We made a bit of an impulse buy this weekend. His name is Adyn.

How did this happen? Well, I normally go shopping by myself, but this
time Nathan came with me on my Saturday shopping trip.

On our way to Meijer, we drove past Petsmart, where they had dogs out for adoption. I wouldn't have stopped had I been alone. But Nathan is a total dog lover, so we stopped.

And then something crazy happened. I was the one who fell in love with a dog.
We went on to do our grocery shopping, but I was almost crying as I
walked through Meijer thinking about him.

So along with our groceries, we brought home a new dog.

I think he was a pretty good deal though.

If you read my blog post about things I'd like to do before kids,
you might remember that getting a second dog was something we planned to do soon.

So, this really wasn't a complete impulse buy. We aren't completely crazy.


I think Nenya is adjusting well. I can't say that she loves her little brother yet, but she at least tolerates him about as well as I tolerated my little brother when he was born.

She's pretty independent these days, sometimes preferring to be left alone, so having a 9 month old attention hog come into the picture isn't too traumatizing.

Although trying to walk them together by myself the first time made me wonder if I was truly sane, this change will be good for me. Knowing I would have to crate Adyn while I was at work, I took him on a walk/jog Monday morning before 7:00 am. I'm lucky to be out of bed by 7:00 these days, let alone outside running by then.

Impulsive? Yes. But also really wonderful.


  1. they are sooo cute!!! Congrats on the new addition!

  2. He looks like a white Baby (my dog). How big is he? Is his tail as curly as hers?

    1. His shoulders are a little higher than Nenya's and he's 22 lbs. I'm hoping he won't get too much bigger. He actually doesn't have much of a tail - kind of a furry, floppy thing.

  3. He is adorable!! We have two cats, a dog, and an Amazon green parrot, so I don't think you're insane ;-)

  4. Timothy CorneliusMay 5, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    ". . . so having a 9 month old attention hog come into the picture isn't too traumatizing" unless he wants Nenya's attention when she wants to be left alone. You're doing a great job with the dogs. I wonder how many times I'll have to visit before Adyn stops barking at me when I arrive.


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