May 11, 2013

I'm a Mom?

A year after finding out I would soon be a mother, and nearly four months after meeting my baby, it still seems unbelievable that I actually am a mother. I was reading a book to Evan today about a Mama Bear and her Little Cub and in my mind, Mama Bear is still much older and wiser than I am. Even though he looks like my family and I see his dad's personality in him, it's still hard to believe that this amazing little boy who gets bigger and smarter each day is my son. I find myself constantly thinking, and sometimes saying out loud to Nathan, "We have a baby!" or "I made that!" 

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms. Does it ever sink in?

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  1. This is technically my second Mother's Day, since we were eagerly awaiting Ae's arrival... and I still find myself, like you, in awe of the fact that -I- am a mom. Many times (more when Ae was younger) I would have spontaneous bursts of "inspiration": He's been entrusted to me. I'm not just babysitting - he's "mine." Wow. I'm a mom!? Maybe it'll sink in more when he consistently uses "Mama!" to get my attention. :)


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