January 8, 2010

Wedding "Branding"

Although we've only officially been engaged for two and a half weeks, I already have plenty of ideas about what I want our wedding to look like. I had ideas about dresses before I was even dating anyone, and my overall vision has developed considerably since then. Nathan has more opinions about wedding planning than a lot of guys, but he's really left the color and design aspects up to me (with the exception of tux styles).

I've always wanted to have deep red/maroon/cranberry as my color, along with black and white. I also seem to be drawn to organic curves and scroll patterns.

This is my wedding inspiration board...or, as I prefer to call it, my wedding branding. :)

My biggest challenge has been finding photos of bridesmaid dresses and bouquets with the right colors. I changed the colors in three of the above images. I'm not worried about getting the right colors for the bouquets in real life since I know white lilies and maroon roses exist. However, finding a maroon bridesmaid dress has proved to be a challenge. Hopefully some that look too purple or orange on the computer screen will look better in person. I really don't want to have to resort to black.


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