October 26, 2010

Never. Again.

I made gnocchi tonight for the first and last time. I love gnocchi. When I had gnocchi in college and at Olive Garden, it was amazing. It's about $3 for a pre-made package, so I decided to make it from scratch. Bad idea! Cheap? Sure, it's just flour, egg, and potato. But it was definitely NOT easy.

The first step in making gnocchi is basically to make mashed potatoes, which in itself is difficult enough if you've never done it before, and I hadn't believe it or not (Nathan's really good at it).

Once you've made your mashed potatoes, you mix them with the egg and flour. You then knead the dough, roll it into little snakes, and cut it into small pieces that you drop into boiling water.

I think the whole process took around an hour and a half. This would have been okay had it been really good gnocchi, but it wasn't. It wasn't bad, just nothing special.

Fortunately, I'd bought Ragu six chese pasta sauce to serve with it, which was really good. That basically saved it.

In the future, I'm buying packaged gnocchi. The money I saved by making it from scratch wasn't worth the amount of time I spent preparing it or even any possible nutritional benefit.


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