October 26, 2011

Enjoying Fall

Not too hot...not too cold...beautiful colors. It's a great time of year for having fun outside. 

 You can conquer a corn maze

Hug a tree

Cuddle together for warmth

Build a house

Dine al fresco

Pick the perfect pumpkin

And most of all, just escape from the city and enjoy the SPACE. As much as I love where I live now, the city can be a little suffocating after growing up with cows for neighbors.

What are you enjoying this fall?

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  1. Oatmeal for breakfast. Hot chocolate on rainy days. Leaving the thermostat at 65 and curling up with a blanket on chilly nights. Leaves changing color and falling.

  2. @Kayla Yum, oatmeal and hot chocolate. I love making oatmeal on the weekends, and I just finished drinking some hot chocolate. :)

  3. Ah, the smell of fires burning, the crisp mornings, the beautiful leaves, Hocus Pocus, and soups! I love it all. Those pigs are too sweet!

  4. This is my favorite time of year too! I love your pictures. We used to take fall drives just to look at the beauty of it all. I need to resume that tradition with my kids.

  5. I'm enjoying anything and everything pumpkin!! :)


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