October 31, 2011

This Week's Menu Plan

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Now that it's been over a year since the first and only time I posted our weekly menu, I decided it was time for another look at what we eat around here.

We've started exercising after work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which means the dinners for those days need to be either something I can throw together in minutes or something I can make ahead of time. 

Me: Plain yogurt, fruit, whole wheat bagels
Nathan: Cold cereal (He doesn't want to eat anything else. I buy mostly healthier ones, with the occasional Reese's Puffs so he still loves me.)

Leftovers or whatever else we can find to pack

Tuesday: Crunchy Garlic Chicken (My new recipe for the week. I always try at least one.)
Wednesday: Sour cream chicken enchiladas (adapted for anti-spicy folk)
Friday: Baked Potatoes
Saturday: Dinner out
Sunday: Crock pot cheesy chicken and rice

I made some trail mix for us to take to work to keep us away from the vending machines.

Although we're still not eating super healthy around here, we are slowly moving away from processed foods to more natural ones. Now if only I could get some vegetables in my husband! If anyone has ideas on how to get him to eat more than a few bites of veggies a day, I'd love to hear them.

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  1. We hide veggies in casseroles. I know this doesn't always work with the veggie you might want to use (peas and corn are easy to hide... carrots, not so much), but since the two of us can't really eat through a whole can (unless it's A eating sweet peas...), I usually put it all in whatever "bake" I'm making to try to get more veggies in. I also do this with skillet noodles (like hamburger helper, etc).

  2. Let me know what finally works for you on getting Nathan to eat vegetables. I tried for years and years and as you know and failed. But I did try! I tried hiding also but he
    "cross-examines" everything he eats and picks out the veggies.

  3. @Kayla I wish it were that easy, but as his mom commented below, he dissects everything. The peas would just end up separated from the meat and left uneaten. :)

  4. @Anonymous I just hope our kids somehow naturally love vegetables since I don't know how I'll counter any complaints because Daddy doesn't have to eat them!

  5. Just like all little ones, mine struggles with liking a variety of veggies. We do a lot of smoothies and I sneak in raw spinach and it's not even detected. We also like to get the small potato cubes and dice up veggies to that size and make a "hash". Good luck!

  6. @Jessica I'm thinking the raw spinach might be one of the easiest ones to sneak in since it doesn't have that much of a flavor. I'll just have to make sure there aren't any green specks left so he doesn't get suspicious.

  7. New follower from MPM...Have a great week!
    Your enchiladas look delicious!

  8. To make sure there are no spinach flecks use a stick blender or put the spinach in the bottom of the blender. I make my green smoothies with fresh mint during the summer to make the green color an asset not a turn off.

  9. @Debra Worth Thanks for the tip! Neither of us like mint or I'd give the mint smoothies a try.


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