April 5, 2010

Bridalizing my feetsies

Since the aisle I will be walking down looks like this...

I decided that wearing heels would not be the best option. (Note to our guests: You won't have to walk through here!)

When I discovered the Isotoner® Rose Quilted Ballerina Women's Slippers with Rhinestones, I thought they would be the perfect wedding shoes. I didn't do a whole lot of searching, but these seemed to be the best option. Pretty and comfortable...was it really possible? Well...sort of.

They arrived in the mail today, and I put them on immediately. They are definitely comfortable!

However, They aren't quite as pretty as I expected. The shape is kind of odd, and the pattern reminds me of toilet paper.

I didn't think it was possible for a shoe to be unflattering, but I really don't like how my feet look in them.

That being said, I still plan to wear these shoes on my wedding day. If I were really concerned about how my feet look, I wouldn't have bought slippers. Comfort and price were my biggest factors. And since my dress touches the ground, I doubt anyone will get a good look at my feet anyway. 

What shoes did/would you wear for your wedding?


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