April 21, 2010

When Budget Doesn't Matter

Picking out our wedding bands was actually fairly easy. Since Nathan bought my engagement ring from Jared, that was our first stop in the search and ended up being the only place we went. The sales associate found a ring that worked perfectly with my engagement ring almost instantly, and that was that. Nathan spent a lot more time making his decision, but he found one he really liked as well. Rather than buying them that same day, we decided to come back a few weeks later. On our return trip, while the sales associate was looking for the ring that Nathan had picked, I pointed to what I thought was the correct one, but once she turned it so that I could see the price tag, I said, "Oh, no, that's not the right price." She then told me, "No, that is the ring, the price has just gone up."

Oh. Excellent.

It turns out that both of our rings had gone up in price due to an increase in the price of gold. Had we bought them earlier, we could have saved over $100! We had already gone a little over budget on our rings, so this wasn't good. However, we still went with our first choices. After all, unlike the bouquets and cupcakes, we'll be looking at our rings every day for the rest of our lives. It was important to us to get ones that we liked.

My ring is similar to the setting for my engagement ring. I'll be wearing it upside down from how it is in the photo, with the band curving up against the band of my engagement ring. I wasn't all that excited about having a second ring until I saw how awesome this one would look. Now I can't wait until I get to wear it! Here's a reminder of what my e-ring looks like:

Nathan's ring matches my rings too. That definitely wasn't a requirement, but I like that it worked out that way. 

I wasn't thrilled about the cost increase, but we can still manage to pay for them. Although it's difficult for me to accept sometimes, we don't always have to choose the least expensive option.


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