April 17, 2010


Last week, Nathan and I went on a date to Arvey Paper in hopes of finding some paper to use for our invitations. The great thing about this store is that they have free samples, so you can look at the paper, feel it, and even take it home to print on it before buying it. I only know about this place because we took a fieldtrip here for one of my design classes.

I liked the Classic Crest by Neenah Paper in solar white. I'm not posting a picture of it because, well, it's hard to photograph white paper, and there aren't any good images online either. The Neenah Paper website calls Classic Crest a "subtle embossed finish, like finely woven cloth." Ooooohhhhh...

But then Nathan discovered the Classic Linen in white pearl. In addition to being textured, the surface is sparkly and shiny. It seemed like it would be just about perfect...except for the fact that the word "pearl" doubles the price. This is when the fact that Nathan and I both love paper becomes dangerous. I keep saying that we shouldn't spend money on unnecessary things, especially things that no one else will really care about, but...it's sparkly textured paper!!!

To shine or not to shine, that was the question. We've made our decision, but I won't reveal our choice until I post pictures of the invitations after we've sent them out. (I'm sure the suspense is killing you.) But I was really glad that Nathan got to come with me to look at the paper and help me make the decision. He was more excited than I was, which is why I love him.

What do you enjoy doing with your significant other that most people might not find as exciting? (G-rated only, please)


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