May 22, 2010

Handmade, but not by me

In my original inspiration board, my ring bearer pillow looked like this:

I found it on eBay, and although it's cheap and nice enough, I wasn't completely sold on it. The color and pattern look great, but who knows how the color would actually look in person. So, I decided to look for other options.

Enter Etsy. I'd never bought anything from Etsy before because most things on there are either too expensive, something I could make myself, or both. But any items that require sewing are definitely not in the "I can just make that myself " category. Fortunately, I found one I liked that wasn't too expensive either.

I ended up buying this ring bearer pillow from Etsy seller Addie's Creations. Her pillows are less expensive than the one on eBay, and I was happy with the quality of the one I bought. Not only that, but I bought it on a Friday and received it on the following Monday!

After my first Etsy experience, I ended up buying each of my bridesmaids a gift from Etsy as well. Two of them have come in the mail, and they're even better than I expected. They both came in beautiful wrapping, and one even came with a thank you note.

So, don't be afraid to shop at Etsy. Sure, some items are absolute junk or just bizarre (like this one), but there are still some really awesome ones too (check out these wedding cake toppers).

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  1. I've seen some references to fondant cupcake toppers from Etsy that are just adorable. Just saw some listings for sugar flowers and rose petals too, but yikes, what a price! Guess it's the time put into them.


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