May 26, 2011

The Chore Schedule of a Working Wife

Okay, I promise cleaning the stove is not one of Nenya's regular chores. However, this photo is a pretty good illustration of what kind of a homemaker I am. I don't always clean the stove after I cook. In fact, sometimes the stove gets so bad that I jokingly tell Nathan we should just put Nenya on the counter and have her lick it off. And one time he actually did (but not for long, and he was right next to the counter the whole time).

Occasionally I'll come across another woman's chore schedule, and invariably it involves much more cleaning than mine. Cleaning the bathroom sink every day? I could never do that. And vacuuming every day too? I don't even vacuum; Nathan does. Everyone's situation is different, and there's no need to compare. But if you would like to see an example of a chore schedule of a newly married wife who is gone at least 10 hours out of every weekday, here is my list. I've changed things around since I first developed it.

 • Laundry

 • Clean inside of microwave
 • Clear off desk
 • Water plants

 • Clean bathroom sink
 • Hand wash delicates
 • Clean bathroom mirror

 • Clean bathtub
 • Dust bedrooms

 • Clean toilet
 • Sweep and mop (entry way, bathroom, kitchen)

 • Plan menu
 • Dust living area

 • Grocery shopping
 • Food prep
 • Brush Nenya

Nathan's (Usually) Weekly Chores
• Vacuum
• Take out trash
• Clear off desk

This is what works for us right now. I don't always keep with it perfectly, but I usually manage to get almost everything done on a weekly basis at least. My most often neglected chore is sweeping and mopping the floors, even though I have just 3 tiny sections of floor that need swept. There aren't any chores that get done on a daily basis. As I've written about before, although I take care of most of the chores right now since Nathan is busy finishing up his MBA as well as working on computer certifications, I'm blessed with a husband who does not consider any chore "woman's work" and who would be willing to take on more chores if he ever becomes the one with more free time. Sometimes he helps me haul the laundry and get it started, which rocks my socks off.

Do you use a chore schedule? What is your least favorite chore?


  1. No chore schedule for me... at this point in time. :) But I'm sure that's about to change.

    My favorite chore is a tie between mowing the lawn (which is not necessary in an apt complex), washing the windows, and cleaning the bathroom (sink, tub, mirror, toilet... everything). My least favorite? Tidying my sleeping quarters (including making my bed). :D

  2. I've been trying to implement a cleaning schedule so thanks for posting this!


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