May 9, 2011

From Long Distance to Living Together

Nathan and I had a fairly long distance relationship right up until the day we got married. Although we saw each other much more frequently during our engagement, when we lived only 40 minutes apart, we had no idea what it would be like to see each other every day. While I felt confident that we would make it work, I wasn't really sure what it would be like to jump from living far apart to living in the same apartment.

When we were dating, we were always happy to see each other and sad when we had to leave. I really thought that would change once we were married - that there would come a time when we would get sick of each other. Maybe that will happen eventually, but it hasn't so far. We hug just about every time one of us has to leave, even if we'll be apart for less than an hour. And we have so much fun with each other just living our daily lives.

One real benefit of growing so accustomed to a long distance relationship is that being away from each other isn't that difficult. We've spent at least 3 weekends apart so far in our first year of marriage. Sure, we miss each other, but a couple days apart is no big deal when seeing each other every day is still a novel thing. The only issue in these situations is who gets Nenya for the weekend.

I wouldn't say that being in a semi-long distance relationship before our marriage made the transition to living together any more difficult. If anything, it's made newlywed life a lot more enjoyable.

Did you have a long distance relationship before you were married?


  1. Do my thoughts count? :)

    I wonder what it will be like... to go from almost 3 months of knowing each other in no other way than via the phone into marriage. But then again, we survived last summer - seeing each other only once in the 4 month summer break. Living in different time zones is really difficult, but I suppose the challenges it brings are just preparation.

  2. Your thoughts always count! :)

    Wow, three months? Hopefully it won't seem that long with all the wedding prep you have to do in the meantime. My guess is that seeing each other every day once you're married will be even more exciting after being apart that long.

    Enjoy the long phone conversations while you can. I know it might sound crazy, but Nathan and I kind of miss the fun of being able to talk on Skype! I do NOT miss the time zone difference though.

  3. I've been in relationships where we did distance well, but with my husband, the short times we had significant distance, he just broke down and moved closer to me; this was after we knew we were getting married. He just couldn't be a phone guy.
    Pretty interesting; I explain to people, because we're "doers" together. I'm a talker and doer alone, but more of a doer first with him. :)


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