February 8, 2011

How Not to Save Money

When I'm making my grocery list, I always ask Nathan if he has any requests. This week, one of his requests  was banana chips. I didn't really want to put that on the list since banana chips cost about 10 times as much as fresh bananas.

Then Nathan asked if we could make them.

Of course! We would make them! After all, we don't pay for our gas, so we can use our oven as much as we want.

I bought four bananas, sliced them, dipped them in lemon juice, and then baked them at 175 for 3 hours. But instead of looking like the normal banana chips in the photo above, they looked like this:

I did some more research and found out a few mistakes I made:
  1. I bought ripe bananas instead of green ones.
  2. I sliced them a little too thin.
  3. Using a food dehydrator (if I had one) would have been better.

So...my penny pinching kind of backfired this time. They aren't terrible, just not the right texture at all. There are plenty of times when DIY can save a little money, but for me, banana chips is not one of them.

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  1. Ah, good to know. I think you should totally give it another try and let us know if getting green bananas work better!


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