February 27, 2011

That's Not Good Enough!

Week 8 in Financial Peace University, which is all about finding good deals, is titled "That's not Good Enough!" It's funny how as you find better and better deals, what you consider to be a good enough price becomes lower and lower. $10 for a pair of jeans? Not bad, but after the deals we found this weekend, I'm not sure that will be good enough anymore.

We got this dress shirt, sweater, and jeans all for less than $5! 

Here's how:

Jeans (from Target)
Original Price: $24.99
Sale price: $6.24
Used a Target printable coupon for $5 off women's denim item
Final cost for jeans: $1.24

Then Nathan and I went to Kohl's as part of our date night (what a good husband!).
Dress Shirt
Original price: $38.00
Sale price: $7.60

Original price: $30.00
Sale price: $6.00

Used postcard I received in the mail for $10 off any purchase
Received an extra 15% off
Final cost for dress shirt and sweater: $3.06

$93 worth of clothes for $4.30...That's good enough for me. I know opportunities like this might not happen very often, but just knowing that they happen at all is very exciting!


  1. It is so exciting to see how God blesses and supplies our needs and wants when we use His money His way.

    I'm so proud of both of you for your teamwork in working together to solve the problems that arise.

    Love you bunches.

  2. How exciting! I love finding brand new clothes for less than the price of the them at the thrift store! Congrats on some awesome finds.

  3. Impressive! I love catching good deals, but can't say I've ever come close to any like these!


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