November 1, 2010

Corn in Various Forms

Nothing boosts your confidence quite like dumping an entire can of corn on the carpet. Actually, I wasn't too upset since the corn was just for me and I was making beets for Nathan; I just ate raw cauliflower instead. I suppose since I saved $0.65 on Cinnamon Toast Crunch Saturday and wasted a $0.67 can of corn Sunday, it balances out somewhat.

Nenya of course enjoyed helping me clean up. I tried not to let her eat too much, but I didn't think it would hurt her. Corn is the main ingredient in her dog food, so it can't be that bad for her, right?


I jolted awake this morning and yelled, "She's throwing up!"
This woke Nathan up too. "What do you mean she's throwing up?"
"I mean either I'm losing my mind or she's throwing up!"

I turned on the lamp above our bed and looked around the bedroom for Nenya, who was nowhere to be found. For a moment I worried that I had actually dreamt it. We got out of bed and saw her in the other bedroom across the hall. As Nathan stood in our doorway, I pointed out a spot right next to his foot. Yikes! A second spot was in the other bedroom under the weight bench. I used a paper towel to get up what I could from both areas then let the expert handle the proper cleaning of the carpet (I lived two hours away during all the house-breaking fun). I got in the shower a little earlier than normal, Nathan went back to sleep, and life went on.

And then I got home from work. And there were FOUR MORE spots on the carpet! Nathan got home not long after and got to do more cleanup while I took Nenya outside for more expulsion. I don't want to see corn again for a very long time!

What's the worst way you've ever woken up?


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