November 10, 2010

Wedding Recaps: Inspiration Versus Reality

In my first blog entry, I showed this depiction of my wedding vision:

If you followed this blog during our wedding planning, you know that vision evolved somewhat. Here's how it all looked in reality, with actual photos from our wedding:

What changed:
  • The bridesmaid dresses were a lighter red and full length.
  • I decided on roses for the bridesmaid bouquets rather than lilies. 
  • We ended up choosing cupcakes over cakes.
  • I bought handmade for my ring bearer pillow.
  • Although I didn't have scroll patterns in my dress, centerpieces, or ring bearer pillow like I had originally planned, I did add a scroll to our card box.

What stayed the same:
  • My hairstyle was very similar to my original inspiration photo.
  • I used cranberries in my centerpieces.
  • I had white lilies and burgundy roses in my bouquet.

More photos to come!

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  1. I really like your centerpieces more than the "inspiration" ones. :) Quite elegant and definitely not overdone.


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