November 9, 2010

How I Became a Dog Person

Two years ago today, a dog belonging to one of Nathan's friends gave birth to a litter of puppies. As soon as Nathan saw them, he wanted to get one. "I picked out a really cute one!" he told me. I thought this was a ridiculous idea. How was he going to take care of a dog when he was unemployed and could barely afford to take care of himself?

Then, on December 23rd of that year, Nathan had one of the worst days of his life. But the thing is, when I talked to him later that evening, he actually sounded happy - I couldn't believe it! What made him so happy that night was that he got to play with his cousin's dog. Most of our phone conversation was about what the dog was doing. I realized at that point, He needs to get a dog.

I still had my doubts though. Aside from the money issues, I had never really been much of a dog person. And then I saw pictures of her.

How could I tell him not to adopt her?

I held her in my lap as Nathan drove her back to his apartment. She was shaking from fear and the cold.

Once we got her to her new home, she was fine. And so was I.

Nenya became my personal trainer...

My yoga instructor...

My study buddy...

And a good friend.

I had known Nathan less than 4 months when he got Nenya. Although we were confident we would be together forever, we of course couldn't be certain. I used to joke with Nathan that I would fight for joint custody of Nenya if we did break up. I would have lost for sure since Nenya will always obey Nathan over me, but I'm so glad that never has to happen.

Happy birthday, Nenya! Thanks for showing me how amazing dogs can be!

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  1. This is sweet - dogs are the best! She is so cute!
    Thanks for following my blog, I'm following yours too now. :-)


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