March 24, 2010

Are you a grownup?


I was taking Nenya for a walk one day last weekend when a little girl came running towards us asking if she could pet her. I knelt down to get Nenya to relax, and she rolled onto her back and let the girl rub her belly. After we stood back up, she asked,

"Are you a grownup?"
"I suppose you could say that," I answered.
"Huh? Are you a grownup, or are you a teenager?"
"Well, I'm 23 and I have a job, so I guess you could call me a grownup."
She thought about this for a moment before deciding, "You're a teenager."
"Oh, okay, that's good to know."
"But you're a young adult!"

It was a funny experience, but it made me realize that I really don't feel like a "grownup." Ten, even five years ago, I would have thought that at age 23 with a real job and a fiance I would feel like a grownup, but I really don't. Maybe getting married and living with my husband will make a difference, but I'm not sure that it will. Maybe I'll feel like a grownup when I have a baby, maybe when my first child starts school...but maybe not. I kind of wish I'd asked that girl what would make me a grownup.

Do you feel like a grownup? At what point did you start to feel that way?


  1. Hey Amanda! I've loved reading your blog so I thought I better comment on at least one! hehe

    Now being married for 7 months (exactly) I'm not sure if I feel like a grownup yet either! I have a full time job, a husband, and a kid! Somedays I feel just plain old, but not grown up.

    Today I was chaseing the kids around the playground and have a ball.

    Will you let me know if you ever find out what makes a grown up? I'd like to know as well! hehe

  2. good question - always thought I'd feel grown up at 16, then it was 18, 21, etc...

    I'm 30, married for 11 years, have an 8 and a 5 year old and more responsibility than I care to admit and there are certain people I won't name and certain situations that can make me feel like I'm still 10 years old and 3 feet tall. I'm not sure I'll ever feel grown up.

  3. Lol Amanda, that's too funny. I second what Jamie said. I keep meaning to make a comment but just never have..
    I know exactly what you mean though. I think my boss treats me like one of her daughters.. but not in the best way. Like I am her daughters' age.. but then I don't feel grown up either.
    Yesterday a little boy came in the store with his parents.. and they weren't doing a lot of parenting. The boy was pretty funny. He came up to me and said.. "Hey Lady, whatcha doin?" and proceeded to have a conversation with me where he referred to me as lady. It was really funny to be addressed as such... I mean, I guess I'm a lady but being called it that way makes me sound older than I feel!

  4. PS. Nenya is soo cute. One of the few dogs I think I would actually like. I hope I can meet her soon!!


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