March 27, 2010


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Deciding whether to serve cake or cupcakes at the reception has not been easy. Originally we thought we would have a small tier cake and a couple sheet cakes, but then I decided it might be cheaper and easier to serve cupcakes and make them ourselves. However, I started to have my doubts. Cupcake stands can be pretty expensive, even cardboard ones on eBay, and baking enough for around 130 people would take some time. Maybe hiring a pro to bake a cake for us wouldn't be such a bad idea, especially since we already have family members handling the rest of the food.

Finally, I asked Nathan, "Cake or cupcakes?"
He paused, put on his thinking face, exhaled deeply, then said, "Cupcakes."

We feel that cupcakes have several advantages, including:
1. No one is stuck cutting at the cake table.
2. We can have as many flavors as we want.
3. There's no need for a fork.
4. They require much less assembly and decorating.
5. Neither of us have actually seen cupcakes at a wedding, so even though it's becoming more common, it might be new for some of our guests too.

For some reason, my mind was still stuck on thinking that we need to have at least a small cake no matter which option we chose so that we could cut it, but Nathan doesn't see the point. Once I thought about it, I realized that there really isn't one other than the fact that it's a tradition. People might expect it, but it shouldn't ruin their day if we don't cut the cake. We could always cut a cupcake.

Do you think the bride and groom cutting the cake is an important tradition?


  1. Is tradition more about cutting or feeding? If it's about feeding (sharing sustenance, promising to provide nutrition, etc) then cupcakes provide no problem.
    I do love the small cakes for the couple to share, though. I just think they're adorable! I don't think making one yourselves would provide any problems, though. I'd be willing to *attempt* to help with that though I also predict I'll be helping Jeff with the food a lot.
    Have you looked into renting cupcake stands?
    One idea I've seen is rather than try one large stand, placing smaller ones at each table for the guests. This might interefere with your gorgeous centerpieces though.
    You may also be able to find directions for building your own cardboard stands online; I thought I found those earlier. If I find them again, I'll send them to you. Making them look nice may be a challenge and yay, more work!! (sarcasm!) :)
    I wouldn't worry so much about baking so many for 130. Cupcakes keep well and you can probably fit about 4 dozen in an oven at once. Have you thought about frosting vs. fondant? Filling, decorations, etc? Keep humidity in mind. :P
    A friend and I went to a cupcake shop in Solvang last week - the flavors were incredible!! I swear, when I'm an old woman I want to open a cupcake shop. :)

  2. PS - sorry I write so much! :)

  3. I would probably say... No. But it would be interesting to find out where that tradition originated and why it's been significant enough to be in so many weddings. :) (I like that kind of research...)


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