March 4, 2010

The Evolution of Our Colors

As you may remember, I originally was set on a particular dark red color for my bridesmaid dresses as well as other elements of the wedding. In a perfect world, the dresses would look like my colorized version of this Ann Taylor dress:


In the real world, finding a dress in the right color as well as in a style that will flatter all three of my bridesmaids (who have about a 10 inch range in height) just wasn't that easy. 


Here is a comparison of my invitation (which is in my ideal color) along with two swatches: David's Bridal's Apple on the left and Aria's Bordeaux on the right. The Bordeaux was a pretty good match, but since Aria only has showrooms in Washington DC, Boston or LA, it wasn't really feasible to order dresses from them. 

I did look at some other bridal salons in town to see if there were any other dresses out there in my perfect color. I found some that I liked, from Alfred Angelo and B2, but I was told dresses from those companies need to be ordered 3-4 months in advance. I told the sales associate, "Well, if it's going to take four months, that's not going to work." She said that "it usually doesn't take four usually takes this is really the perfect time for you to order them, but you'll want to order within the next week." 

I read some online reviews for this salon and found out that dresses have been known to come in much later than expected. I know I said before that you shouldn't base decisions on reviews, but in this case, I couldn't take the chance.

I finally decided to just go with a dress from David's Bridal in  Apple. My dress came in almost 2 months earlier than the date they gave me. Also, my bridesmaids can each save $20 since I bought my dress there.


No, it's not the perfect color, but at the end of the day, who really cares other than me? And besides, colors will vary based on lighting and the other colors they're next to, etc., etc...and the dress itself is really pretty.

So, our colors are now various shades of red, along with black, white, and silver. How did silver come into the mix, you ask? Well, Nathan and I were discussing tuxes one night when he said,

"What color should I wear? We don't really have a secondary color."

We knew he was going to wear a black tux, but I wasn't really sure what color vest and tie he should wear. I decided silver would look nice.


I'll also be incorporating silver into other aspects of the design, possibly including the tablecloths.

It helps to be flexible in the wedding planning process.


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