March 22, 2010

You put THAT on the registry?!

I'm not sure what is really considered a "normal" wedding registry these days. With the average age for a first marriage on the rise, many people are living on their own before marrying. Nathan and I are both currently living alone in apartments, and we each have skillets and pans, dishes and glasses, tables and chairs... The only thing we will really need once we're married is a queen size bed and some bedding.

We couldn't exactly ask ourselves "Do we absolutely need this?" when creating our registry or it would have only a handful of items on it. What did we ask? As it turns out, Nathan and I asked ourselves (and each other) different questions. My thinking was along the lines of "Would someone actually buy this?" while Nathan's was "Would we use this regularly?" Some examples...

Nathan was baffled when he looked at our registry online and saw this leaf platter. How often would we actually use it?

Then I realized that Nathan had made his own addition as well...

A Nikon D300 S. Who would buy that for us?

But don't get me wrong, putting together didn't cause us any real conflict; for the most part we just laughed at each other. Plus, there were quite a few items we agreed on.

I think we've talked about getting a Wii pretty much the entire time we've been dating. We haven't been able to buy one yet since we've had other priorities, so it was a registry must.

Our registry is currently about 40% items related to camping and outdoor activities, including a couple of these sleeping bags. We're really excited about going camping together, so we need the gear to do it.

We've also picked out some kitchen items that we would definitely use if we had them.

I'm pretty excited about making some real waffles with this waffle maker.

Nathan would love to grill chicken on this huge George Foreman grill.

I'm excited to see what everyone ends up choosing for us!


  1. Hey, I love that leaf platter from Target. I've thought about buying it often!!! The Wii you should definitely get.. It's worth it. I love mine ..or Jonathan's I should say. Yay for the camping stuff. We should meet at Turkey Run state park and go camping together. this summer.. despite the fact that I just had the worst camping trip in the history of camping trips!! Good luck with the camera.. I'd love that too. But don't expect me to get it for you, lol!

  2. Thanks, Carly. I knew you'd understand my love of the leaf platter.


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