March 21, 2010

A Problem and a Solution

I had a bit of a wedding panic attack yesterday. Something that I hadn't considered to be an issue suddenly convinced me that having a wedding at the venue we've booked wasn't even a possibility, and I immediately began looking for other locations.

The source of the problem was this:

There's a picnic shelter right behind where we plan on having the ceremony (you can see it in the distance), and it is going to be rented for a company picnic at the same time we're having our wedding. I hadn't considered it a problem before since it's far enough away that you really wouldn't be able to see or hear anyone over there. But while working on the map to put in our invitation, I looked at the satellite image and realized that there isn't any sort of parking lot over by the picnic shelter. Were all of the limited parking spaces going to be full before our wedding even had begun?

Well, Nathan called the lady who manages both locations, and it turns out that (unlike at other parts of the park), you can actually park on the grass! She's had 200 cars parked along the drive before. Phew!

Once we'd solved that issue, Nathan and I decided to take a trip out to the park to plan where we are going to set up the food, gift table, and everything else.

Some of the seating for the reception is inside an old house, and the rest will be outside under a tent. I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't rain on our wedding day. I tell people that it's "not allowed," but Nathan and I did work on various rain scenarios while we were out there.

We took some measurements of the rooms to get an idea of how many tables we could fit in each one. Nathan kept saying that he wasn't going to put it in Visio but...

He couldn't resist, not that I expected him too. He's just awesometastical like that.

I felt much better after we did some more planning and got a better picture of how it's all going to work. I can't say we have it all under control since some things are beyond are control, but at least we don't have to find a new venue with only three months before our wedding.


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