March 4, 2010

Piecing the Centerpieces: Take 2

When we left off, my centerpieces looked like this:


I've looked into all kinds of other options, but I knew I really wanted to get my hands on a berry garland. Michael's and Jo-Ann's didn't have any in the right color, but on a trip to Hobby Lobby tonight I found this:

Not only was it just what I needed, but it was 50% off! Major win! I also got some silk flower petals that were 50% off, along with floating candles for 80% off.

I cut off a small section and put it into the vase in a spiral along the outside edge. Then I took another sections and spiraled it in the opposite direction. After filling the vase with water and placing a candle on top, I had this:



What do you think? Is this an improvement? I personally love my new version, but I think I'll use a slightly longer section of garland next time to fill up a little more space. I've now spent around $27 experimenting on my centerpieces, but the good news is, I probably won't have to spend much more since I'm borrowing the vases. I'm pretty excited to see how it looks when it's all put together.

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  1. I like them! I think they look quite elegant and you did a fantastic job being creative! From everything I've heard/seen/read, that's extremely important - especially on a tight budget. I, like you, don't think one day is worth $20,000+. Keep on keepin' on... It'll all come together. :)


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