March 9, 2010

Fingertips and shoulders, knees and elbows

After looking at the options on veil lengths, I decided that an elbow length veil would work best for me. I told Nathan this once over dinner and he stared blankly for a moment as he realized I didn't mean that the veil would be the length of my elbow.

I knew I didn't want a long veil, but I also wanted one that would be longer than my hair. Even with my hair curled, it should fall well below my shoulders, so shoulder-length just wouldn't work. The length part was easy to figure out, but the style of the edging took a little more consideration.

A cut edge is just a little too plain for me, so that was out.

I like the look of lace, but I decided it would be too distracting.

The ribbon edge looks really nice, but it was still more edging than I wanted.

My perfect veil?

The unfortunately named rattail edge. The thin cord around the edge emphasizes the contour of the veil without demanding too much attention. However, I wanted one with only one layer of tulle so it would be even less of a focus.

Once I had chosen how I wanted my veil to look, I just had to find one within my budget: $15. No, there isn't supposed to be a zero after that. The veil I tried on at David's Bridal was $189, but I just could not justify spending that much for a piece of tulle. I knew this budget would be possible because Michael's sells kits to make a veil at that price. Granted, you have to sew the comb to the veil, but even an incompetent seamstress (like myself) could probably find someone (like my future mother-in-law) who would be willing to handle that job for free.

But instead of going the DIY route, I decided to try the eBay route first and ended up buying a veil from a seller with excellent feedback for $13.95 including shipping. 

I'll have to see if I made the right decision when it arrives. Meanwhile, I have an extra dollar to allocate to another section of the budget. 


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